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About Us Vishwas Child Care & Development Centre

A Vishwas Child Care & Development Centre is a rehabilitation facility for persons with disability. Due to the disability, a wide range of areas may be affected like communication, cognition, socialization, education etc . As a result, the person with disability needs additional support and rehabilitation to improve their life skills.
Our centre have a strong focus on helping children and adults with additional needs so that they can improve their quality of life. We also work on positive motivation, confidence and encouragement to develop their lost skills so as to become a functional member of the society. The aim of our centre is to provide therapy which gives the best possible outcomes which inturn will help towards ensuring opportunities for socialization, communication, productivity and a dignified quality of life. Most importantly, the fact that the affected person comes to our centre gives his/her family the much deserved respite from managing him/her at home all the time. Another main objective of this centre is to ensure that a person recovering from the condition does not have a relapse, so to avoid that family members are also taught how to provide activities at home through home training program. Also they are advised to have re-assessments to keep a track on person's progress from time to time.